Animal Reiki and Animal Communication Sessions

Animal treatmentsIt is important that you have an open mind about the Reiki and Communication session, as it will allow your animal companion to relax and be open to accepting and communicating more freely. You may be present with the animal, whether it be a distance or in person, however it is important that you remain quiet and calm. Once the session is over I will share with you any of the symptoms or messages your animal companion has shared with me. If it is an in person treatment, I may ask you a question during the session regarding something that needs clarification in order to move on to receive further information.

Your animal companion can share valuable information relating to symptoms he/she is feeling which can assist your veterinarian in diagnosing any heath issues. Reiki can assist in the healing of any illness or injury, however, it does not replace veterinary care.

In Person Sessions

I prefer to meet with you and your animal companion at your home or barn. This way they are much more comfortable and less stressed. In person does not necessarily mean hands on. I prefer to offer Reiki with my hands at least an inch away from the animal. For some animals this is too intense and they prefer that the Reiki be offered from a few inches to a few feet, or more away. Each animal determines how they receive the Reiki, how much Reiki they receive and for how long. The average session usually lasts about half an hour. In very rare cases, some animals do not wish to receive Reiki or to communicate with me and I fully respect this decision and share it with their human companion.

I am located in Newmarket, ON and offer in person sessions in York Region and the GTA.

Fees: $100.00 CAD for the first session and $80.00 for each additional session (one animal per session). Travel expenses are a additional minimum of $35.00 depending on distance and travel time. For credit card payment via Paypal please click on the link below. You will receive an e-mail to schedule a time for the session(s).


Distance Sessions

Distance sessions are as effective as in person sessions, and are often preferable to in person treatments if an animal is excitable, anxious around strangers, very ill or ready to transition. Distance treatments can benefit in the case of an emergency as they can be easier to schedule.

Please provide your animal companion's name and, if possible, a photo. I will schedule a time for the session and ask that you be with your companion at that time. I will either e-mail you or phone you, following the session and provide you with any information I received during the session.

Fees: $100.00 for the first session and $80.00 for each additional session. For payment by Paypal please click on the link below. You will receive an e-mail to schedule a time for the session(s).

First session: $100.00   
Additional session: $80.00    

Determining the number of sessions necessary

Each animal's needs are different. Depending on the situation, results can be seen immediately or within a day or two. Sometimes it is necessary for the animal to have several sessions over a short period of time.

Signs that the animal is accepting the Reiki

Animals often relax when receiving Reiki energy. They may lay down, yawn or even fall asleep. It is important to have water available to them, as they often become very thirsty during and after a treatment. Water helps them to cleanse their system which helps restore balance.