What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing which is now widely taught and practiced around the world.

Reiki is based on the premise that a universal life energy is present in all living things and when this energy becomes blocked, discomfort and disease can occur.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner facilitates the release of these energy blocks. Reiki is noninvasive and can do no harm.

Animals respond well to Reiki treatments which can assist them to heal emotional, behavioral and physical illnesses or injuries in a very gentle way

Reiki can be performed in person, hands on or at a distance. Reiki is not limited by time, space or distance, therefore, Reiki energy can be received just as effectively the other side of the world as it can when the practitioner and animal are in the same room.

Animals decide how much Reiki they want to accept and for how long. They determine where they want the Reiki to help them, either physically, emotionally or both. Reiki is not intended as an alternative to veterinary care.