Pawsitive Connections - Animal Reiki and Animal Communication

Like many of you I have always felt a close connection with animals and birds. The photo of me with Sparky the baby Barn Owl, who came into my life when I was very young, shows my early fascination for these wonderful creatures, which has only increased over the years.

Animals communicate with us in many ways. Using my training in Reiki and Animal Communication, I find working with both modalities enhances this connection. Others often refer to me as an Animal Whisperer; horse whisperer or dog whisperer, which I find an honor.

The focus of my practice is to help deepen the relationship people have with the animals in their lives through a greater understanding and overall wellbeing. This is done through individual sessions, either in person or distance, and by teaching Animal Communication and Reiki to others.

I feel truly blessed to be on this journey.

Elaine Turner (Click here for Bio)

Reiki Master

Animal Communicator


I recently discovered The Trust Technique, which is a combination of advanced animal communication and animal healing for practical use by everyone. This video demonstrates the effectiveness of this wonderful technique with a link to how you can learn to use it with your own animal companions and provide vital support to animal shelters.

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Guiding Through Times of Change - I am writing to thank you Elaine, for your sensitivity, intuition, and pure talent in helping us prepare our furry child, Pfizer (cat) the night prior to our flight. Your insight and telepathic communication with her were so accurate! We could tell that Pfizer benefited greatly from your Reiki energy, and seemed to have calmed after the session.
With gratitude: Shiri, Melissa, and Pfizer, Vancouver

Comforting A Very Sick Dog - Figo, my 4 year-old miniature schnauzer, was very weak after being in the emergency clinic for 1 week. He had pneumonia, fever, loss of appetite, and he had to be on oxygen to help him to breathe. Those were very hard and sad days for Figo and for me. Elaine offered distance Reiki sessions to him every day and Figo started to show improvement. His breathing improved, he did not need the oxygen anymore, his temperature went back to normal and he started to eat! Along with the veterinary care, I’ve seen how Reiki helped him and I’m really amazed by the results and by all the messages Elaine got from Figo during the sessions. She has a very special gift and what she does to help animal companions and their owners is wonderful.
Thank you Elaine! You have a very special place in our hearts.
Teresa and Figo, Toronto

Resolving Behavioral Issues - Dear Elaine, On several occasions I have called upon you to help me decipher concerns with my Giant Schnauzer, Brodie. You were able to connect with Brodie and address both behavioral and health issues. Interestingly, in each instance, I ended up learning much more than I was looking for. I’m glad Brodie was so forthcoming with his messages! I can’t tell you how re-assuring each session was and how comforting to know that Brodie was able to communicate his thoughts and feelings. After each session, I felt much better enabled to cope with each situation, make some changes that were of benefit to my whole family and most importantly, Brodie seemed much more relaxed and happy. Thank you so much Elaine, our family truly appreciates your “pawsitive connections”! Sincerely, The Queen Family, Newmarket